Moving On.....


Moving On…


A lot has transpired in my life within the past year.  Going through a divorce has been challenging for me.  I had to really dig deep and make some difficult decisions.  No one really knows what it is like to face a divorce unless you have experienced it.  Feelings of loneliness, where do I go from here, thoughts of being a failure, etc. were all emotions I had to process.  There were times I went into a place of solitude and disappeared to process my thoughts alone without anyone’s influence.  It was during this healing process, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.


I am definitely in a happy place in my life.  Some days I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I do know I want to remain in this happy space.  Focusing on my independence and my future has left me very little time to dwell on drama.  My livelihood is my main concern at the moment.  To others it may seem as if I am a “new person” and they are right.  Life is about advancement and I am a different person than I was a year ago. I wasn’t happy and I was facing a tough decision to stay in my marriage or leave. Not to mention, this whole thing was playing out in front of the cameras for everyone to see something that was so painful and private.  I left, I feel free and I am having fun!  Something I haven’t felt in years.  Therefore I wont make excuses about changing or what I like to call evolving.


And to be quite frank, I think all my cast mates are evolving.  The show is a huge part of our lives however you don’t get to experience every aspect of the women’s lives. It's something about New York that just makes everyone want to hustle hard.  You will see this as Royce lands her role in a play, Kenya pursues her music career, I am building Lucid from the ground up and the other woman in pursuit of their dreams. I hope everyone stays tuned in for the remaining episodes because there is lots more to come.


Although we may all have our differences at times, I wish health and happiness for everyone and their families!


Lots of love,






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