Friends or Enemies


“I finally faced the fact that it isn’t a crime not having friends. Being alone means you have fewer problems.”  Whitney Houston


Sending so many prayers and love to the Houston family!


NYC baby!!! Big City, Big Dreams… I was happy to start the season off filming in NYC! It is home for me and home is where the heart is but it wouldn’t be right without any drama unfolding!


Diann Valentine is a familiar face, she planned my wedding and we are still good friends. I always say I had the perfect wedding, just the wrong groom but life goes on. 


It’s always great to catch up with the girls outside of Miami. Suzie recently moved to New Jersy so it was good to hang out with her and be “Single in the City.”  Tami is also from NY so I know she was happy to spend some time at home filming. Shaunie often travels to NYC for business and Royce is acting in a play in the Big Apple as well.


Ok on to the new girls!  I am always leery about new cast mates each season because females can be very catty and you see how the whole Meeka scenario ended.  I am in the space in my life where I really don’t need any extra drama and I am too old to be trying to make new BFFs. My first impression of Kesha was that she seemed mild-mannered and cool.  Kenya and I are both going through a divorce so I thought we would probably be able to relate to a lot of things. The whole “bougie” thing, ok I get it! I like certain things, however I don’t think I am a snob. In my eyes, “bougie” isn’t a bad thing! It's actually the alternative to being a loud and obnoxious female, so I'm good with that. 


If you follow me on twitter and watch my show you can see that I maintain a very steady and peaceful voice. I don’t sub-tweet, I’m not negative and I rarely curse. It’s just not what I’m about. Filming this season has been a very stressful experience but there has been some sweet with the bitter.  I met new people, traveled to many exciting places and have done a ton of incredible things. I am healthy and I am blessed. Sadly, there’s always someone out there that would prefer to see you miserable.


As you heard on tonight’s show, Evelyn is upset with me about a blog that was written by my publicist. Reason being, I didn’t have time to personally do it because I was on vacation in Italy with my girlfriends. I honestly didn’t think she wrote anything awful or harmful. It stated my opinion and I feel I ‘m allowed to have one. Take a look for yourself. Was this statement really worth all the drama?


The idea of me being jealous of Evelyn’s engagement is a bunch of crap and NO I don’t mess around with the same type of guys that Evelyn dates. I am just getting out of a ten year relationship and am very cautious about who I go out with.”


What I really have a hard time understanding is that this blog came out July 19th, 2011 and the first time I heard about Evelyn being mad was in November 2011. When we filmed the reunion in July the blog was out and she didn’t mention it then. It is just absurd to me that we are fighting over something so simple in my eyes but I guess not in hers. So be it! 


Tonight the world witnessed for themselves the type of evil I am dealing with. These words pretty much sum up the state of affairs.


Season 4 Premiere


Me: “I’m not gonna be enemies with someone I’ve known over a decade.”


Evelyn “You’re not my friend, you’re my enemy.”


It was at this very moment that I realized there would be no resolution. No matter what I would do, Evelyn already had it in her mind that I was her enemy. And there you have it…


Stay tuned to see how far it will go!

"The Reality Check" soon to come. 





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