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It has been an epic season of Basketball Wives full of ups and downs, backstabbing, fallouts amongst friends, and assault and battery along with some tears. More than enough drama for me. I can definitely say with pure pleasure I am happy to see this season come to an end.


During the first two seasons of the show, I was dealing with the dissolution of my marriage and having it played out for all our viewers to see.  It was difficult and hurtful to keep reliving those moments every time the show aired.  This season I was dealing with yet another failed relationship with a former friend.  I never really had to deal with too much female drama in my life.  My friends that are close to me have been in my life for years and I have recently met amazing friends that really hold me down.  So, with two failed relationships in the past two years I decided to take a look at myself, the common denominator.


Through the process of self-examination, although I strive for perfection (probably the Virgo in me), I realized I am far from it.  I have flaws, I make mistakes, and all I can do is learn from them and because of this platform ideally others can to.  Divorce was something I never wanted, but I came to grips that I couldn’t change my husband.  My husband could only change himself. My parents are divorced and I now see how their failed marriage and my father’s infidelity have affected my entire family.  My parents were married for over 30 years and have zero communication, it pains me to see them so distant and I resent my father for this. These are all struggles I deal with still to this day and profoundly affect my views on my relationships. 


As far as my friends go, I will do anything within my means for my friends.  When I think about honor and respect, those words run parallel with friends to me.  Sometimes we don’t always want to hear our friend’s honest opinion, but I am always going to give my honest opinion. Everybody can’t handle it, however I also know that I have been guilty of only wanting to hear what I think is right as well.  At times when I am dealing with difficult situations, stressed or depressed- I tend to shut down.  My friends can’t reach me and I go into a shell.   Overall, I am ride or die for my friends.  With that being said, I in turn ask for respect and expect others to treat people the way they want to be treated. I sincerely apologize to any and all my friends if I did anything to hurt you intentionally or unintentionally.


In relation to the Basketball Wives cast, I feel some of the ladies who claimed to be my friend and claimed to be neutral made snide and slick remarks along with snickering about me.  This proved to me that they indeed were not at all neutral.  This season for me seemed no matter what I did it wasn’t going to be right, so I stopped trying.  Tahiti was the last straw for me, we were half way around the world and I didn’t go there to argue or fight.  I just wanted peace, but soon realized that wasn’t going to happen unless I was secluded from those that were determined to argue and fight.  Arguing with former friends, slinging dirt back and forth was something I could have done in Miami not there.  And what ever happened to the “G Code”?  Whether the validity of things being said about me was true or false, as a friend there are certain things I would NEVER do. If you tell me something in confidence friend or foe, whether I don’t speak to you 20 years from now I will respect that and you will never have to worry about me repeating a word. The funny thing about arguing is choosing your words wisely because you can never take them back especially with millions of viewers watching.  Although I have been through a number of emotions regarding my friendship with Evelyn dissolving, I have not and will not participate in the mud slinging. Over 10 years we have shared good times, bad times, marriages, engagements, break ups, moving, vacations, holidays together, wins, loses and much more.  As we all have witnessed before, unfortunately our relationship has not survived the pressures and effects of a reality show and all that comes with it.  As difficult and hurtful as it may be, I will continue to be resolute with my decision to respect what our friendship was and not where is has gone.


Even though this has been a trying season, I hope at some point my cast mates can get along and be civil with one another. I will always appreciate Basketball Wives Season 4 and this time in my life for the abundant lessons learned and personal growth I was forced to face. We all have our own individual imperfections, but I also believe we all have a good heart.  As women of color it is important we uplift and support one another.  I wish all my cast mates continued success and best wishes with their future endeavors.


Thank you to all my family and friends and loyal supporters for all the love during this trying season. Please continue to support me and my current ( and future business ventures.


Many hugs and kisses,







And the BS continues… I honestly could not stomach to watch last week’s episode. I had lived through the craziness and to relive it was just too much for me.  But I would like to clarify a few things. First up, I never had an issue with “the assistant” up until that day.  At one point, we were good friends. We went out together, went to dinner, stayed at each other’s houses and shared plenty of good times and laughs.  There had been some incidents leading up to why I started pulling away from the friendship but I don’t feel the need to blast that information.  However, the most important reason why I eased up on the friendship is because she started working for someone who refers to themselves as my “enemy.” To me being good friends would just cause the situation to be messy so I rather fall back.  No love lost and I like I said, I didn’t have any issue with her until she put her hands on me.


Ok now let’s get to the foolery… AGAIN!!! I just find it so unfortunate someone I once called a friend has no respect for me and felt the need to violent me physically.  So of course after you completely disrespect me by putting your hands on me, my mouth is going to get reckless.  I am not happy for the things I said to her but I was caught off guard and left in a vulnerable state.  The 2-bedroom apartment comment got taken way out of context.  I live in a 2-bedroom apartment so why would I look down on her for that.  My point was don’t act like I lived with you when you live in a 2 bedroom apartment with a roommate.  There would be no room for me and all my stuff that barely fits in my 2-bedroom apartment in NJ.  The whole attack against me was pointless.  Okay, we aren’t friends no need to fight about it let’s all be mature adults and move on.  People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime.  I wish it didn’t have to be this way, it makes me sad but that is life.


I did what I felt was right by filing a police report and having my attorneys handling the situation. I am an entrepreneur and a mature adult. Who fights at this age?  I was taught to let the authorities handle criminals.  Having graduated with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Pre-Law, I am fully aware of my legal rights and the justice system.  If you put your hands on someone, there will be repercussions. End of story…


For the record, I have changed. I am striving to be an independent woman and I am building a future for myself. I have zero time or tolerance for BS. I am not sitting around waiting for a man to take care of me.  Lucid is 100% mine; I built it from the ground up. No licensing deal or I am a paid spokes model.  I don’t sit around and knock what my cast mates are trying to do business wise.  Be a leader and not a follower, no one was thinking about the cosmetic industry until way after Lucid.  At the end of the day, I find it all unfortunate that I am the constant topic when it comes to hate and no one can uplift one another.  Fame has never been a weakness of mine but by watching this show I can’t say the same for all the ladies.  I just hope everyone can recognize what is really important in this life because Basketball Wives will not always be the HOT thing… Then what???


Special thank you to my legal team, Corey Boddie, Sanford Rubenstein and Sabrina Puglisi also my publicist, Elizabeth Traub and my manager, Deanna Morales. And thank you to all my family and friends who have been so supportive of me during all this craziness. I cannot forget my loyal viewers, much love.


“Many walk in and out of our lives, but only those who leave footprints really matter.”- Unknown


Peace and blessings,



This is what I am about... Lucid Cosmetics!!




I’m just wondering- did tonight’s episode satisfy your viewing pleasure? How many people watched my show tonight and actually felt good about it?  Did it make you feel proud to be a woman?  My last question- would you have enjoyed it the same if it was your mother, sister or daughter getting slapped?


Here’s the thing: on my show some of these women take pride in showing their ass in the most compromising way.  These females have a point to prove and will do or say anything to be a “reality show star.” Fame is a powerful drug and some will go any length to achieve it.  I am a grown woman and I have never had to fight someone to prove my point, I use my vocabulary and brain for that.  Mature woman should be able to communicate their differences without violence.  Using your hands to express yourself is absolutely WACK!!!


I will never forget that day at the racetrack, I didn’t go there to fight so that was the last thing I expected to encounter.  All I remember was the nonsense that took place.  The assistant/gofer decided to be in full action with her monkey see monkey do self as she snuck a slap from behind.  You are a coward if you catch me off guard while sitting down and not to mention a bully!  Then the president of the NON Factor T-shirt Enterprise thought that jumping across the table like a demon would be a good look for the young women in America that watch the show. The horses racing around the track were more civilized than some of the woman with me in the presidential suite that day. I swear I still don’t understand why someone would want to act so ridiculous on national television but I guess some will do anything for fame.


After the event took place I felt very violated. I had never been slapped in my face and even though my mind was still trying to process all that went down I knew what I had to do to get some justice.  Don’t think because I didn’t physically fight back doesn’t mean I am not doing anything about this incident or I am a punk. I am doing this the right way and using our legal system to seek justice. I am a businesswoman and an entrepreneur; I cannot represent myself fighting in such a manner.  Corporate America would never take me serious.


If you are a woman and you watch my show I have to stress to you that just because these things are shown on television doesn’t make it right. Violence is never the solution. I urge us all to stop the violence! Or you can possibly end up in jail…


Love and blessings,





This past weekend I had the pleasure of participating in the National Action Network conference in Washington, DC.  Reverend Al Sharpton founded National Action Network and the organization promotes a modern civil rights agenda that includes the fight for one standard of justice, decency and equal opportunities for all people regardless of race, religion, national origin and gender. I sat on the young professional’s and entrepreneur’s panel.  It was inspiring to be around other minorities that are building their own businesses.  Talking to young men and women who strive to do better professionally and in their community just reinsured me that I need to lead by example for the youth.


I also had the honor of spending some time with Cathy Hughes; she is the owner of TV1. Talking with her was so uplifting and to know an African American woman achieved such a great accomplishment was reassurance there is no goals I cant attain.  Some of her childhood friends were there to celebrate with her. It was great to see them supporting her with no hate or jealousy.


With that being said, I do not condone violence or bullying.  It is especially sad when as a race we can’t come together and uplift one another but rather insult each other and fight, etc.  The crazy thing is if it was a man that was violent towards a woman everyone would be in an uproar.  I don’t believe in violence period!  Man vs. man, woman vs. man, or woman vs. woman. I am not a fighter and I don’t intend to start at this age let alone on TV.  There are tons of young adults that watch “Basketball Wives” and I feel like I owe a responsibility to society to stay true to my morals and principals that were instilled in me.


I never imagined as an adult I would be experiencing such things as bullying.  There are many forms of bullying.


*Physical- involves harmful actions against another person’s body or any form of violence or intimidation


*Verbal- involves speaking to a person or about a person in an unkind or hurtful way and can also include spreading rumors or hurtful gossip


*Emotional- Involves behaviors that upset, exclude or embarrass a person


*Sexual- singles out a person because of gender and demonstrates unwarranted or unwelcomed sexual behavior


*Racial- Involves rejection or isolation of a person because of ethnicity


*Cyber- The use of the Internet and related technologies to harm other people in a deliberate, repeated and hostile manner


If anyone reading this is experiencing bullying please go to for help. Children as well as adults are victims of bullying and people are taking their lives because of it. This is a serious issue and must be stopped.


Being around civil rights leaders, entrepreneurs and young professionals the past few days and with issues such as Trayvon Martin made me realize as a race we have to take a stronger stance to stop the violence. I know many have their reservations about the effectiveness of the justice system but in numbers there is power. Ask yourself, are you committed to making this world a safer place?


Yours truly,



Cathy Hughes and I..




Life is too short to be angry all the time, not to mention it’s exhausting! I honestly don’t understand how my cast mates find the energy to breath after a day of so much hate towards each other. I decided to apologize to Royce because it was the right thing to do.  After all, she didn’t sleep with my husband or do anything to physically harm me so the line of no return hasn’t been crossed.


In the end, I am glad we were able to sit down and talk about our differences. No yelling, no screaming just a calm conversation where she expressed her feelings and I expressed mine. Royce was right; I never saw what she supposedly wrote on Twitter because I was getting my information from other people. This all took place at a time in my life where I was making some big decisions and I expressed my hurt in the form of anger. I understood her point and I apologized to her. The way you approach someone with a matter has a strong effect on the outcome you will get from the person. I do think Royce has matured and she is in a good place in her life where she is happy.  It shows in her spirit.


Being the new girl on the block is not easy. Just ask Kenya or Kesha.  Poor Kenya she just gets a bad rep.  I have to say I am proud of her for getting her video done after all the craziness surrounding the making of the video.  If nothing else, the video is an accomplishment and she is living out her dreams. This whole thing about Kenya trying to be me is absurd. I don’t see it, I think we relate with our divorce issues and that is about the extent of it. We are cool and I intend to keep it that way, these ladies do not want it with Kenya. Believe me!


Let’s get to my “photo op” friends’. Seriously, what’s next? Here’s my thing; you have a wedding to plan, a daughter to finish raising and a life that you paint to be beautiful and great. Please reach out and get your life and leave mine alone.


Until next week….



Lots of love,



Friends, friends and more friends...



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